Manifestation (18mins)

Manifestation (18mins)

"A mentally ill person feels neglected by society and takes revenge."

"When life is meaningless and everything is hopeless, where do you go?"

Inspired by the life of Danny Germansen.

Manifestation is an semi-autobiographical art-house short film about a mentally ill person who takes revenge on society because he feels neglected by his family, the social system, the community around him, and Society in general. He was mentally abused as a kid and adult by a psychopathic father. The film draws parallels to the environmental issues of the present and to the white supremacy that created our capitalist society that we live in today. It’s a tale of a social outcast who suffered weltschmerz and lived a life of loneliness, alienation and isolation in a society that is emotionally desolated. During the 17-minute film, the viewer experiences a nihilistic view of the world from the social outcast’s point of view.
Runtime 17:25

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Manifestation (18mins)