7th Annual LA Punk Film Festival 2023

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Official Film Selection Screenings
Dec 1-3rd 2023 @ The Off Beat
6316 York Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90042
(323) 739-9696
RSVP/Tix 310-721-2389

For Musician booking: #bookwithvert
Awards Show

All your favorite Punk Centric Independent films, curated by a highly skilled team of Punk film fanatics.

Click browse for official winners of the LA Punk Film Festival from previous years.

Dec 3rd Awards 7- 11pm Streaming and in person @The Off Beat - join us international and local filmmakers and fans

Now all Films are released and all available to continue to watch at your leisure. Get ready for roll-call talent 2023!

LA - New York - London - India China - Tokyo - Australia - UK

Special thanks to our large team of film judges.

Independent Punk Cinema International Line Up

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Official accepted Films 2023 Line Up DEC 1st-3rd @ The OffBeat Highland Park

Dec 1st - Opening Night of LA Punk Film Festival

Block One Line Up *Films 3-11pm
Comedy Horror - Mia & The Skeletons' Night From Hell (USA) with Q & A
Documentary - Big Clown: Mississippi Creates - (USA)
Short Film Sci Fi - Halo: The Rebellion (USA)
Short Film - The 13th hour (France)
Comedy - Bali Frodo (Russia)
Animation - MONSTR (USA)
Music Video - Coretta- Jessica Davenport (USA)
Music Video - The Last One - Eric Unusual (USA)
Music Video - Elephant Rifle - Cig Stain White (USA)
Music Video - Total Fat (Japan)

Dec 1st - Block Two Line Up *Films + Music 6-10pm
6.30pm - Vc's
7pm Music Video - Persekutor Video & Band Performance (USA) with Q & A
8pm Documentary - N-Men: The Untold Story with featured band - Shove it! (USA) + Q & A
Dec 2nd Block One *Films 3-11pm
Feature Film Special Anniversary Screening of The Little House that Could (USA) with Q & A
Documentary - Unearthing The Underground Vol 2 (Australia)
Short Film - Tracking Day (USA)
Short Film - Your Silent Face (USA) with Q & A
Video - Fluid - The Red Stains (UK) Live stream Q & A

Dec 2nd - Block Two *Films + Music 5-10pm
5.30pm Music Video - Dirty Freaken Joe - Sci-Fi Sam Video & Band Performance (USA) run time film 5 mins with Q & A
6pm Short Film - Jesus of Suburbia (USA) running time 10 mins with live Band Performance, Griefcase with Q & A
6.30pm The Dogmatics: A Dogumentary (USA) run time 90 mins with Q & A
8pm The Dogmatics Live Band Performance
9.30pm Horror Feature Film - Michael Malott's Bed of Nails (USA) run time 1hr + Q & A
Live music also by DBCooper & MKUltra, Bounce House, Misinformation & More
Dec 3rd Block One *Films3-11pm
Horror Comedy Short - Jimpardy
Short Film - Wreck Room
Documentary - Wino- the documentary with Q & A
Short Horror - The Night Jane Went Insane
Animation - Looking For A 6th String
Music Video - Insider - Something Flash

Dec 3rd Block Two *Films and Music 5.30-10pm
Music Video - Rubys'Song - with live performance by Lesser than Detroit Illharmonic Experience with Q & A
6pm World Premiere Feature Film - Lulu and the Electric Dreamboat run time 1.45mins with Q & A
8pm Live Awards of the 7th Annual LA Punk Film Festival Also Live music also by On the Run, Gylt, Norcan, Malicious & more.

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7th Annual LA Punk Film Festival 2023.
Join us @The Offbeat in Highland Park or World wide online. 3 day rentals are only $1.99 a film. Support indie film. Join us online and in person at The Offbeat for the Film Awards Dec 3rd 8pm.

Short Films

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    When queer performer Derek McLuckie went to see the Stranglers in 1978, his eyes were opened as he felt part of a youth movement - yet there was struggles due to his sexual orientation. Derek reflects back on this gig and how punk provided the soundtrack for his coming of age. A film by Ewan McP...


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