***************************************************LA Punk Film Festival 2022-2023

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Official Winners 2022

Best US Film - Tour Bus Legends - Austin Jones
Best US Short Film - Punk it Tender - William J Blythe
Best International Film - I'm Full of it - Paulo Miguel Antunes
Best International Short Film - Always Young and Brave - Ilia Smirnov
Best US Documentary - American Society - Travis Calvert
Best International Documentary - Venezuelan Punk Rock History is not a fad !- Ismael Torrealba
Best US Short Documentary - Team Pierre - Pete Koff
Best International Short Documentary - Akogare -
Best LGBQT Film - Mister Sister - Mars Roberge
Best Comedy Film - Green Rush - Duncan Thomsen
Best Animated Film - What happened to Stephanie - Jessica Elizabeth Davenport
Best Horror Film - Seth and Tia - Steve Hasse
Best US Music Video - DFMK - Jenny Otero
Best International Music Video - Das Volk - Pascal Plantinga
Humanitarian Award - La Entrega - Ricky Gonzales
Honorable Mention - Free your Mind - Kevin Mahn
Best Screenplay - To be announced

Produced by Sandie West and Beach Dancer Films

All your favorite Punk Centric Independent films, curated by a highly skilled team of Punk film fanatics.

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Oct 14th Awards 7- 11pm Streaming and in person @Beyond Baroque- join us international and local filmmakers and fans

Now all Films are released and all available to continue to watch at your leisure. Get ready for roll-call talent 2022!

LA - New York - London - India China - Tokyo - Australia - UK

Special thanks to our large team of film judges with special mention to Professor Matthew Worley, Chris Plain, Lee Daley, Ruth Remon, Lucia Hall, Kev Moore, Jonathan Faber and Mariamne Wulfsohn.

Independent Punk Cinema International Line Up

Official Winners 2022
Welcome to the Punk Worldwide Portal 2022

2022 HYBRID EVENT - LIVE AND ONLINE! Extra live screenings added!

Official accepted Films 2022 Line Up (see schedule below)

Welcome to the Punk Worldwide Portal 2022

Extra live screenings added!

Official accepted Films 2022 Line Up (see schedule below)

Sunday October 9th BLOCK ONE 12pm - 4.30pm

12pm - Red Carpet Meet & Greet with Filmmakers & Guest Punk Bands

12.30pm Punk it Tender (William J Blythe - LA| USA) 13:34

That Sucks (Weird Al Yankovich - OR | USA) 13:45

Team Pierre |Peter Koff - SF | USA) 42:05

Binge & Purgatory (Becca Kozak | Canada) 4.11

Tour Bus Legends (Austin Jones | Los Angeles) 29:24

LA Entrega (Ricky Gonzalez | LA | USA) 40.00

Dealoo (Paul Voinovich) /Los Angeles | USA) 4:47

3 Punks (Hedi Boudaloun | France) 19:02

Silicone Wave (Jeff Hillard | Los Angeles ) 3:33

(Pascal Plantinga | Netherlands | USA) 2:03

Bathroom Boy (Diego Torrado |Chicago| USA) 23:00

Truck Dad ((Tamir Rawlings | Austin, TX | USA) 5:17


Sunday October 9th BLOCK TWO 5.30- 10pm

What happened to Stephanie (Ciro Ayala | Los Angeles - USA) 7.42

American Society (Travis Calvert – Reno | USA) 01:29

Always Young and Brave (Illia Smirnov |Russia) 4:40

Venezuelan Punk Rock History is not a Fad (Ismael Torrealba - |LA | USA) 01:38

Free your Mind (Kevin Trung Manh | LaPuente - USA) 14:49

DFMK (Jenni Otero | Los Angeles | USA) 1:54

Ja Estou Farto (Paulo Miguel Antunes |Portugal) 01:08
Sunday October 9th BLOCK THREE 10pm-12am

The Green Rush (| Los Angeles - USA) 7.42

Dreamer (Micheal LaRocco – Los Angeles| USA) 01:55

Seth and Tia (Steve Hasse Antunes | Michigan |USA) 1:28

Bagfaces (Also Nonas |USA) 13:00

Friday Oct 14th 5.30-11/30pm Live @ Beach Dancer Films

I'm Full of it! (Paulo Miguel Antunes | Portual) 1.08

Freedom Parade (Micheal Brundel |Germany) 1:59
Tuesday October 11th 7pm-10pm Live @ Beach Dancer Films

One Day The Kegels (Billy Gerhardt, Wesley Price| San Luis Obispo |USA) 0:03

Mister Sister (Mars Roberge | Los Angeles - USA) 2.30

Akogare (Masahiro Saito| Japan |USA) 0:50
Wednesday October 12th 7pm-10pm Live @ Beach Dancer Films

Protest in Caries-land (Damir Piric Gorcin Zec | Bosnia) 1.24

Swamp City (Bogdan Puslenghea |Romania) 1:45
Oct 14th Film Awards and Award Winning Films and Screenings at Beach Dancer Films
Red Carpet 5,30-7pm
Screenings begin at 2,30pm and then Red Carpet Reception 5.30-7pm
Then 7-11pm Film Awards Show

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  • Stream of the Film Awards tonight Oct 14th 10.30pm

    1 video

    Note this is live in person with venue change back to beach dancer films
    3401 Pacific av, marina del rey ca 90292
    Free food and drinks

    You Tube Live Stream https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCjqBtudUbkc8ONk5yaQMsg

  • Bag Faces

    1 video

    A couple with bags on their heads struggle to rekindle their romance in this surrealist comedy drama.

  • The Green Rush WINNER Best Comedy Film

    1 video

    A comedy about 1 Man, 3 other Men, a dagger, and a beach and 1 hell of a ride!
    Never mind the bollox, heres the Green Rush" Numbskull criminal ‘Cooper’ can talk his way out of any situation. Given only 24 hours to recover a mob bosses stolen merchandise, he reunites with his partner in crime, ‘Cr...

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