LA Punk Film Festival 2021


Join us for opening night Oct 9th

Live Streaming Awards Show Monday Oct 11th 7pm

Camp out in your back yard with family or a few friends for the 5th Annual LA Punk Film Festival 2021.

Music, Films and Shorts with a livestream with John Doe from X.

All your favorite Punk Centric Independent films, curated by a highly skilled team of Punk film fanatics. October 9 - 11 2021.

SCROLL DOWN for the official selections of the LA Punk Film Festival 2020-2021.

Oct 11th Awards 7-8pm Streaming Live at this link - join us international and local filmmakers and fans @ this link

Now all Films are release and all available to continue to watch at your leisure.

LA - New York - London - India China - Tokyo - Australia

Special thanks to our large team of film judges with special mention to Professor Matthew Worley, Ruth Remon, Lucia Hall, Kev Moore, and Mariamne Wulfsohn.

Many Special thanks to our hosts Mars Roberge and Debra Haden.

Independent Punk Cinema International Line Up

Best US Film
Anne and Andy - Jordan Selander

Best International Film
Fall Back Down - SB Edwards - Canada

Best US Short
Johnnie Anarchy - Ed Abroms

Best International Short
Stay Sharp - Lauren Hester - Australia

Best US Documentary
Pick it up Ska in the 90's - Taylor Morden - Pop Motion Pictures

Best International Documentary
I've Won I've Lost - Gian Luca Rossi - Italy

Best Comedy
Melvin and the Microphone - Chris Youngless

Best Animated Film
Bathtub - Dylan Mars Greenberg

Best Horror Film
Straight Edge Kegger - Jason Zink

Best LGBTQ+ Punk Film
Sweet Tender Hooligan - Jose Alfredo Garcia

Best Thriller
Neutrals - Jacob Horne

Best Music Video
Rubys Song - Walter Santucci

Best Script
Finding Normal - Nathaniel J Ryan

Imperfection of the Geological Record (Martin Oliveros Heinze | Germany)

Punk Road ( Octavia Foundation | United Kingdom)

Conversation with America (Jim Kroft | UK/USA)

Joust (Sam Quinn | LA | USA)

Punk Strut (Kevin Short | UK)

New Rose (Robert Sherman, Aaron Brenner | USA)

A Punk called Ribas ( Paulo Antunes | Portugal )

Spanky was a Punk Rocker (Kelly Hughes | Washington | USA)

Live in the House (Hanyu Hu | Bay area | USA)

Beverly Cass Pennant | London | UK)

Action, Reaction (Evan Frew | NY/USA)

No Alternative (Kevin Rumley, Karen Cooper | Switzerland)

Manifestation Danny Germansen | Denmark)

Bouncing Souls (Pete Bune | NY | USA)

Spore (Alessia Di Giovanni | Italy)

Deth Heads (Danny Denial | Seattle | USA)

Message from Dement (Tomáš Elšík | Czech Republic)

The New Music (Chiara Viale | Ireland)

Amaranthene (Chephrena Mbouombouo | Valencia | USA)

The Darlings (Liz Tabish |Texas | USA)

Ambition, Withdraw Redux (Chris Braly, Jason Eustice | Tennessee | USA)

The Real Wood (Will Wood, Chris Dunne | New Jersey | USA)

Oil Underground: (Bryan Crain | Oklahoma / USA)

Kosmonovski (Mumin Baris) Germany

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    Join us with Mars Roberge and Debra Haden hosting and opening The 4th Annual LA Punk Film Festival. Fencer and their video Junebug will play with a Q and A from the filmmaker and the band. We will be showing awards and interviews from the Red Carpet of Winners 2019. Use this link to join us liv...

  • Johnny Anarchy (14 mins) Best US Short Film

    1 video

    After the death of his bandmate, a young punk rocker, banned from the memorial, decides to crash it dressed as the band's mascot, Johnny Anarchy.
    Directed by James Abroms
    Runtime 14.02

  • Anne and Andy(1hr 50 mins) Best US Film 2020

    1 video

    "Anne and Andy" is the feature length downward spiral, punk rock love story loosely inspired by Johnny Gruelle's children's book characters, Raggedy Anne and Raggedy Andy.
    Directed by Jordan Selander
    Run Time 01:49:13

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